Blockchain can be used during elections 2018

Blockchain can be used during elections 2018

The Central Electoral Committee can use the blockchain technology during the presidential election 2018 in Russia.

According to “Izvestia”, it was suggested by a business ombudsman Boris Titov.

This March the ombudsman offered to test blockchain in one or two regions.

The Party of growth headed by Titov is developing a system of e-voting which is to be given to the Central Electoral Committee.

Blockchain can be used during elections 2018

Anton Lopatin, the representative of the committee, says that the initiative can be implemented only as an experiment. He explains that the system should be tested because citizens can appear to be psychologically not ready for it.

The presidential advisor German Klimenko is sure about the electorate’s conservativeness. In his opinion, it will be a while before the transition to electronic voting appears since the world isn’t ready to abandon the modern model of voting.

Besides, “blockchain” should be legally defined for the project to be launched. The corresponding bill is to be developed by this autumn.

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